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The "FROGGY FIVE" are the ruling council of all Australian native animals, The Forest Council.

Ben Baw Baw, Jack, Luke, Ribic and William are the members of the Froggy Five.

Facts about the Froggy Five   

The members of the “FROGGY FIVE” are spoken of by Aboriginal people in the story of Tiddalik the Frog.

For thousand of years the Froggy Five have represented all the forest animals through the Forest Council, and their health is used as a "barometer" for land wellness.

They meet in secret four times a year and use Rowdy Kookaburra as the Official Forest Communications Manager.

Facts about these soft toys

·       Made from non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics, all of which exceed all Australian safety standards

·       This is a genuine made in Australia soft toy

·       Recommended for children 3 years and over

·       Safety - we endeavor to provide the best eyes and noses in the world for safety - designed to be very safe and secured to the animal’s body

  Popular Name: Froggy Five
      Dimensions: Small – 20 cm in length
Material: Non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics
Made in: Australia

Delivery within Australia is Next Business Day by Express Post

SizeSmall – 20 cm in length
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