Groups of Australian native animal soft toys and puppets all made in Australia. Featuring The Wallaby Gang, The Froggy Five, the Feather Gang, the Tassie Amigos and others. Suitable for children aged three years and over. Groups are discounted by 10% in price.  

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Feather Gang - Soft Toys

The "FEATHER GANG"are a collection of 9 Australian native animal soft toys. Eric Emu, Garry Gal..

$ 261.00 AUD $ 234.69 AUD Ex Tax: $ 213.35 AUD

Froggy Five - Soft Toys

The "FROGGY FIVE" are the ruling council of all Australian native animals, The Forest Council.Ben Ba..

$ 195.00 AUD $ 174.90 AUD Ex Tax: $ 159.00 AUD

Puppet Story Kit 1

Our basic starter kit of 4 puppets which is used to delight your family with nighttime story telling..

$ 105.60 AUD $ 95.04 AUD Ex Tax: $ 86.40 AUD

Puppet Story Kit 2

Our Puppet Story Kit 2 consists of four (4)  medium sized is made up of our cutest puppets.Rebe..

$ 164.34 AUD $ 147.91 AUD Ex Tax: $ 134.46 AUD

Tassie Amigos

The "Tassie Amigos" are Jason the Tasmanian Tiger, Jack the Tree Frog and Thomas the Tasmanian Devil..

$ 99.00 AUD $ 89.10 AUD Ex Tax: $ 81.00 AUD

The Little Ones - Soft Toys

The "LITTLE ONES"are a collection of 4  very cute small Australian native animal soft toys.&nbs..

$ 115.50 AUD $ 103.40 AUD Ex Tax: $ 94.00 AUD

Wallaby Gang - Soft Toys

BE AWARE - these soft toys are very naughty. See the WANTED NOTICE BELOW.if you decide to adopt the ..

$ 162.80 AUD $ 146.52 AUD Ex Tax: $ 133.20 AUD