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Amy Leathery Turtle - Puppet

Amy is one of Australia’s favorite marine mammals. She has a leathery layer on top instead of a..

$ 49.00 AUD Ex Tax: $ 44.55 AUD

Annamarie Blake Bilby - Puppet

NO FREIGHT FOR ANNAMARIE IN BRISBANE    - LOCAL PICKUPBlake Bilby is one of our most popu..

$ 39.00 AUD Ex Tax: $ 35.45 AUD

Blake Bilby - Puppet

Blake Bilby is one of our most popular puppets with a very cute soft tail and gorgeous big pointed..

$ 39.00 AUD Ex Tax: $ 35.45 AUD

Glenda Yellow Bellied Glider - Puppet

A pink nose, a long fluffy bushy tail and large brown eyes make Glenda one of our most popular..

$ 49.00 AUD Ex Tax: $ 44.55 AUD

Kate Kangaroo & Joey - Puppet LARGE

Kate Kangaroo is probably Australia’s most identified native animal.LARGE IS AVAILABLE IN ONLY GRAY..

$ 48.90 AUD Ex Tax: $ 44.45 AUD

Keelah Koala - Soft Toy

Keelah Koala is one of Australia’s most recognizable animals. Keelah and other Koalas only like to..

$ 29.00 AUD Ex Tax: $ 26.36 AUD

Peeper Possum - Puppet

Peeper Possum has a wonderful fluffy grey or brown tail in MEDIUM only. Peeper LARGE has a GREY tail..

$ 41.00 AUD Ex Tax: $ 37.27 AUD